Disney D23 Finally Announces The Star Wars Theme Park!


Even since Disney bought Lucas Film from George Lucas people have been waiting for the announcement that there would be more Star Wars based rides at Disneyland and Disney Word.  By people I do mean me (hey I am people jerk!).  Star Tours and Captain EO were definitely not enough.  Well that time has finally come!  We are getting a whole fourteen acre Star Wars based Land or World (depending on the park)!  After seeing the amazing things Disney did with Cars (my least favorite Pixar movie by the way), I can’t wait to see what they do with Star Wars!

All they have to do is get the Marvel rides license back for Universal, and I am sure that Marvel land is right around the corner!  I wouldn’t complain if they brought over the new Tron ride from Disney Shanghai either.  What Disney “Land” would you like to see next?