Netflix Resurrects The Soup! (Mostly)

While Joel McHale’s new show is actually titled The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale (leaving the door open for a Joel McHale show not hosted by Joel McHale) not The Soup, it is almost exactly the same thing.  Except now he can drop an F-Bomb from time to time and Paul Feig hangs out a lot more.  Like a lot more (he is now an EP).  Watching The Joel McHale Show every week has reminded me how much I have missed The Soup.

I understand that E! got away from its comedy line up, so The Soup apparently had to go, but we all needed something to reaffirm that pop culture was actually as silly as we perceived it to be, and The Joel McHale show brings that back.  Once a week, for twelve weeks, and we are already four weeks in.  I hope that Netflix sees fit to pick up the Joel McHale show for more than just one season.  I am not sure that it is something I can loose again.