Lost Odyssey Starts With Two Hours Of Nothing!

Let me recap my first two hours of Lost Odyssey.  I fought in an intro battle for fifteen minutes, and then I walked around and talked to people (well people talked to me) and kicked stuff for an hour and forty-five minutes.  Good times were had by all.  Well okay, boredom was had by me

Granted the world was interesting enough for me to keep playing for that two hours, and now I think I am finally to the part where I start to play the game ‘for real’, but you never can tell with JRPGs.  I mean this game had a ten minute dream sequence that was just scrolling text.  I got thirty achievements points for reading it which was nice, but you would expect more from a dream.

This game has a lot of fans, so I am going to give it another chance or two, and it is hard to complain about a free game (until the end of December), but something more interesting had better happen soon.  I don’t know if I can kick any more garbage cans or probe any more pots.  I am just kidding I love to probe pots.  They are full of all sorts of possibly useful potions and stuff.