Let’s Go Back In Time And Talk About That Warcraft Trailer!

I was going to talk about the Warcraft trailer when it came out awhile ago, but I got distracted by a Pen.  I am very confused by this movie.  On one hand the CG orcs look pretty good, but on the other, the humans look like a bunch of guys doing cosplay (actually the cosplay guys may look better).  I get keeping the look of the game, but the armor is just odd looking when on real people.

I don’t know that I am on board with the story either.  I know that it is based on the first Warcraft game Humans and Orcs that came out in 1995, but it just seems odd.  Orcs invade the human world from another planet, and the two races square off.  Plus a lot of people know Warcraft from the MMO, but none of the other races are in this movie, so there are going to be a lot of disappointed elf fans, and the MMO is also sort of light hearted and playful, yet the tone of this movie seems deadly serious.

What I am getting at is that Warcraft looks like it is going to have a bunch of guys in goofy armor fighting alien orcs while spouting dialog like it is Shakespeare, and I am not sure that is a recipe for success.  Unless they are trying to get on the new MST3K series.