It Might Be Good For Radeon To Get Away From AMD…


I am an AMD/ATI fanboy from way back, so in 2006 when AMD bought ATI, I was pretty excited.  I thought that they would work well together, and that together they would bring us some incredible technology.  While they still do produce good stuff, they just can’t seem to keep up with Intel or NVidia.  Now due to declining revenue and continual financial losses AMD is starting the process of spinning off ATI, or the now named Radeon graphics division.

It is kind of sad that they were never able really compete with the big boys, but now that Radeon is on its own (and I am sure up for sale), maybe we will see some cool new video cards come out that really put NVidia to task.  Good competition helps us all.  AMD on the other hand will probably continue to decline.  In a world that doesn’t need desktop computers it hard to be the guys making the slower less efficient chips, even if they are a really good dollar/performance value.

It is kind of hard to be the fanboy on the loosing side, but I will get over it.  I just hope the new Radeon group will be able make me proud.