Is This The End Of Almost Human?!


Last night was the season finale of Almost Human, and it sounds like it is also probably the series finale, so Fox has ended yet another Sci-Fi show I like after only one season.  I should be mad at Fox, but at least Fox is trying, and if they ever got people to watch these shows when they were on that air, you know that they would still be on TV.

This episode showed a lot promise for the future, since we learn that John Kennex’s dad was a cop, and that he was probably killed for not being crooked.  The idea of Kennex and Dorian rooting out the evil inside the police department sounded fun, but at least this episode felt complete, so that we were not left waiting for another season that would never happen to finish off the story line.

I think people either wanted this show to be Judge Dredd without the mask, or really push the Sci-Fi boundaries with its plots, but it ended up being more of a buddy cop police procedural set in the future.  I would have liked both of those concepts too, but I still liked the show thanks to chemistry of the two leads.

Karl Urban and Michael Ealy play of each other so well, it was just fun to watch them.  Even if the episode was lacking in thrills Urban and Ealy’s banter always made me smile.  I would have liked to see how these two’s relationship expanded over more time, but I guess at least I got to see it for a little while.

As Fox pulls the plug on yet another good show, I am hopeful that they at least keep trying.  Even one season of a good Sci-Fi show is better than no Sci-Fi shows at all, and they may still find that new ratings winner yet.  I also think it is time for geeks to start watching good shows when they are on the air instead of waiting for them to hit Netflix or DVD, so we can support the people willing to take a risk on something different.


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  1. I hadn’t heard it hadn’t been renewed. I really enjoyed the show, more than Agents of Shield the only other current show I was watching, because of the two leads and the different twist the near-future put on crimes. A more Blade Runner feel would have been nice, but I felt the shows ascetics were starting to come into their own. Fox at least didn’t play with the times and days like some other shows, so you’re right this one just didn’t find its audience.

    1. Yeah it hasn’t been outright canceled, but they sure haven’t announced that they are going to renew it, and since the last episode just aired that is not a good sign.

      I think my biggest complaint is that geeks always whine that their shows got canceled, but to keep them on the air they need to watch them, and it seems that more and more people are just waiting for Netflix. So sadly they are causing their own show’s demise.

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