Is Gotham About Owlman?!


So this post will have some really minor spoilers about the mid-season finale of Gotham, but I have come to a conclusion.  Gotham is about Owlman.  Never heard of Owlman?  That is not too surprising.  He is minor supervillain, but his claim to fame is that he is the Batman from Earth 3 were all the DC superheroes have their evil doppelgangers.  Like the Mirror Universe from Star Trek.

Gotham has gone off the rails for awhile now, and been much more fun to watch because of it, but there is no way this is the Gotham that Batman grows up in.  I mean James Gordon flat out murders people, and he teams up with villains to murder them.  He is supposed to be the last good cop.  Not one of the ‘not totally evil cops’.  Add to that Bruce Wayne in the mid-season finale said his favorite animal is owls.  That’s right!  They are saying Batman’s favorite animal is an ‘owl’.  Not to mention that Alfred thinks slapping street children is an okay thing to do!

While I am sure that the show runners would say that this is not the case, but it all signs seem to point that way.  I can’t wait for Bruce to done his owl cowl!