Gotham Gets Better!


Last night’s Gotham episode “Selina Kyle” built on the solid pilot.  Without having to introduce all the characters this show really got to be the over-the-top procedural that it should be.  This episode is about kids getting snatched off the street and shipped overseas, and the only person who seems to care is James Gordon.

I am a little worried that Gotham is already a little too corrupt, and that it might need Batman a little sooner than young Bruce Wayne can don the cowl, but at least this series shows how bad the city is.  They still like to drop the names of Bat-villains a little too much, I am not sure I need many more than the ones they have already introduced, but it sounds like one of the bad guys they used in Arrow may soon be making an appearance.  I am curious how they will handle that, or if they are just having some fun at the audience’s expense.

I was worried about this show, but it looks like it is delivering on its potential, and we just have to wait a little longer to see how The Flash, Constantine, and iZombie turn out.  If even one of those shows is good DC will have a solid TV line up this year.

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