Netflix Wishes You A Very Murray Christmas!


Leave it to Netflix to do something a little different for their Christmas special.  Sure they got Bill Murray to sing songs with his famous friends, but Sofia Coppola and company still managed to create something odd and interesting, if not always funny, and I am always in the mood for odd and interesting.

The hour long flick features Bill Murray trying to put on a live televised show in New York in the middle of a blizzard, and of course things do not go well.  None of his guests show up, with the exception of Paul Schaffer, and he is only saved by the power going out, so that way his insurance will cover the cost of the production.  After that he is free to mingle and sing with the various people residing in the Carlyle Hotel.

I could watch Bill Murray meander around singing and trading barbs with random people all day.  He is enormously watchable.  If this was that start of a weekly TV show I would be ecstatic, but as a one off special, it was fun, but not something I would watch year after year.  Maybe they could just do a new one every year?!  Please make a new one every year!  We could see what natural disaster Bill’s show has to suffer through next time.  That would be fun.

Regardless of what happens, A Very Murray Christmas was an amusing way to spend an hour.  It is not a classic, but a tasty little Christmas treat.  Unfortunately its language is a little salty at times, so you may have to wait for the tots to go to bed before you partake, but with all the sugar that comes out this time of year, a little salt might be a good thing.  A Very Murray Christmas to you all!