If Your Game Needs Co-Op To Be Fun, It Is Not That Good Of A Game

I have been playing some Ghost Recon: Wildlands on and off with my friends and family, and it is great fun to play that way, but it is boring to play by myself.  It is the usual Ubisoft sandbox and icon vomit of a game.  It feels completely uninspired, but add in some friends and all of the sudden I am having a good time.  Mostly because my friends are causing all kinds of chaos, interrupting my well thought out plans, or just generally chatting while we play.

Here is the thing though, almost all things are better with your friends.  Coffee shops are okay by yourself, you can read a book or get some work done, but add in a few friends and it is a much more enjoyable experience.  Hanging out and watching Netflix is better with other people, so it should be no surprise that Icon Hunt: The Game is better with someone crashing a helicopter in to an SUV while you are trying to snipe a couple of narcos.

All I am saying is that for a game to be truly good I should want to play it on my own, and I don’t really get that pull from Ghost Recon: Wildlands.  Other games have this problem as well, but you will always see the comment, “It is really good with a couple of friends.”  You would hope so, since friends make everything better.  It was smart of Ubisoft to include the mode to cover over the issues that Wildlands has, and most games should include co-op if they can, but the game should be the selling point, not your friends.