Star Trek / Daft Punk Contest!



The contest entry period has ended.  This will be updated again on Tuesday when the official numbers come out

*End Update*

I have two things I love coming out this weekend, a new Star Trek movie, and a new Daft Punk album, so I thought I would combine the two in a contest.  It is very easy, all you have to do is guess the three day weekend North American total for Star Trek Into Darkness this weekend by Friday at 10AM Pacific Standard Time US.  The one that is closest wins.

They bumped up the launch of Star Trek to tomorrow, but I am going to use the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday totals for the contest.  I will not be using the studio estimates, but the official results that come out Tuesday which also happens to be the day that Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories comes out.


If you would like to enter, all you have to do is share this post using one of the buttons below, so I can see you did it, and then leave a comment on this post with how much you think Star Trek is going to make this weekend.  If you win I will use the email address from your comment to get your shipping info, but don’t worry your email address will not be viewable to the public, and if you are a first time commenter or are just using a different email address from the last time you commented it will go to moderation for me to approve, so it may not show up right away.

I will count all entries in the moderation queue and approved as long as they are posted by Friday 10AM Pacific.  Due to shipping and me not knowing when Daft Punk’s album is coming out all over the world, this is for the USA only.  You cannot guess the same number as another person.  If two people guess the same number but cannot see each other because they are in the moderation queue then I will count the person that got that number in first, and then email the second person and ask for a new number.

Thanks for playing and good luck!

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        1. Yup, that is our confusing and ineffective way passing presents to one another. We will have to find another way now.

    1. Yeah. I guess I could ship it to your brother, and then he could pay to ship it to Japan, but at that point you probably could have just bought it, so I am going to have to stick with my USA only rule, but thanks for checking out the blog!

  1. I’ll say $94,316,405. I know it’s big but it’s releasing further into the summer than the first Abrams Trek movie, which grossed 75 mil, and it’s riding positive sentiment from the first and pretty positive reviews, too.

      1. Be nice! This isn’t The Price is Right, it could be lower then yours and you could still win.

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