I Must Have Been Really Good Because Pacific Rim 2 Has A Release Date!


After all sorts of talk about directors and story it looks like Pacific Rim 2 is fully moving forward because they announced the release date yesterday!  February 23rd, 2018, so if they are going to hit that date they are going to need to start casting and filming soon.  Which means we will soon be flooded with all sorts of giant robot news!  Or more like I will be reading all sorts of giant robot news and then posting it here causing my own mini-flood.

Anyway, I now have plans for February two years from now.  Soooooooooo excited!  Just so you know, I need Pacific Rim 3 too, so you are all going to have to see the movie this time around.  I can’t rely on China’s box-office again to make it happen, so butts in seats people!  You have two years to get ready.