My Book Chapters 1-6

Well after a long time and some positive feedback, I have written the next three chapters of my book.  I think I have about three more chapters left to write, but I have decided to let you catch up on the adventure thus far.

I have rewritten parts of chapter 3, so you may want to re-read that before reading 4-6.  I hope you like it because I have had a fun time writing it.

**Update 12-21-2015 the new copy of the book can be found here.

7 Replies to “My Book Chapters 1-6”

  1. I am covetous of your cover page; how did you do it? I’m excited to read the continuing adventures of Shmee and Hoots.

    1. I just picked the cover page option in word and changed out the pictures. Good to know it was fifteen minutes well spent.

      1. Oh man, I was smiling or laughing the whole time I was reading. I especially liked the marketing meeting scene scene and the lumberjacks. As always Shmee and Hoots are great!

          1. Story wise it flows well, so no major plot holes that I noticed. Just grammatical and continuity things here and there that need a little love.

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