Getting To Know Comixology!


Comixology is a digital comic books seller.  I am still not sure how to feel about digital comics.  On one hand I love eBooks, and I use my Kindle all the time, but on the other I love to collect comics.  I love the feel of glossy pages in my hand, and trying not to rip them as I turn the pages, but having my comics everywhere I go is very handy, and since the people at Comixology are either always having good deals or giving comics away, my digital library is growing.

So far I am using them to try out new series’, or titles that they are giving away for free/cheap, but I may give in and start buying most of my comics this way.  It is just so convenient.  I feel bad that my local comic book story doesn’t get these sales, but they are so far away, and my Surface is right next to me.

I love turning on my Surface and reading a comic book or two, and the thought of not having to worry about destroying my comic books in a bag while I travel around is great.  I know Marvel has started to give away the digital comic book of most of its paper back ones that you buy, and that is great, but I wish that Comixology would do the same thing in reverse and ship me all the paper versions of the digital books that I own.  That would be awesome (never going to happen).

They have made owning and buying digital comic books so easy and convenient that I can see them being my comic book future, but I am sure that I will still get the paper copies of the ones I like.  If you see a good deal on a book that you want at Comixology, you should give it a try.  They are good at what they do, and they might start to win you over too.