Farewell Mr. Smee, I Will Miss You!

bob-hoskinsFamed actor Bob Hoskins died two days ago (4/29/14) from pneumonia at the age of 71.  He had a long career with a variety of great roles, but for me he will always be Mr. Smee from Hook.  I loved that movie as a kid, and while it hasn’t held up as well as some of Spielberg’s other movies, it holds a special place in my heart.

My favorite character from that movie was Bob Hoskins’ Smee.  The way he was able to be a bumbling idiot, but at times still be the smartest guy in the room.  It was kind of the way I saw myself sometimes.  Most of my friends liked Rufio or Pan, but it was Mr. Smee for me, and that wouldn’t have been the case without Hoskins’ brilliant portrayal.

I liked the character so much that when it was time for me to venture online, years ago, I tried to take Smee’s name as my own.  Sadly I am a horrible speller and it came out Shmee, and by the time I had figured it out, the name had stuck.  Still without Smee there wouldn’t have been Shmee.

Hoskins was a great actor who was very important to my childhood.  While the films he was in weren’t always great, he was always great in them.  My prayers and best wishes are with his family.  I will have to dig out Hook and watch it again to say a proper farewell to Mr. Smee.

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  1. I feel the same way about Mr. Hoskins’ Smee. Love your personal connection with the character! He will be missed. I’m definitely watching Hook tonight!
    Oh, and congrats on your daddy status! Can’t wait to see pictures of Baby!

  2. The first time I remember you using the Shmee handle was when we played TImesplitters for the original Playstation at my house. You would yell “Shmee is me” when you got a kill. Good times. Farewell Bob Hoskins. You did your best to bring Mario to life in the weirdest kid movie ever.

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