Do Battle in the Happy Wars!


Happy Wars is a free down-loadable title for the Xbox 360.  It is a cartoon style game where two sides try to destroy each other’s towers, and finally the enemy castle.

The game is simple enough to play: the X button swings your weapon, and the other buttons launch your skills at the opposing team.  The more you play the more weapons you find and more skills you learn.  There are three types of player: the soldier who just has attacks up close, the mage that enchants other players and shoots them from far away, and the cleric that supports the battle with healing and deploying build-able things like battling rams and siege letters.

The big draw is that you can customize your character any way you want before you head in to battle, and there are some zany looking people when you play.  If you want really customize your player you can buy new skins and items from the store.  No doubt were Microsoft is hoping to make its money.  You can also buy new weapons instead of waiting for them to be randomly dropped as you play.  This is unfortunate since it gives those players an advantage to the cheep players like myself.

I was not expecting this game to be any good, but for the price of free it was pretty decent, and it is worth a look if you got a few minutes to spare.

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