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First up it looks like Constantine might be DC TV’s first casualty.  According to Deadline, NBC has halted production after 13 episodes.  Now for most shows this would be the end, but it looks like NBC is going to continue to evaluate how the rest of these episodes do.  The ratings are getting better.  Its per-episode reviews are going up, not that they were ever bad, and its online fan base continues to grow, so it has a better shot then a lot of shows to get picked up for another 13 episode run next year, maybe as a midseason replacement or something.  Though once production is halted getting back on the air is always a long shot.

Now to the two DC TV shows that are no where near getting canceled, Arrow and The Flash, it looks like we will not be seeing Batman or Superman any time soon.  In an interview with ComicBook.com the producer of those shows, Andrew Kreisberg, has said that the big two are completely off limits, as are their cities. It looks like Nightwing is still on the table though, so we may not get Batman, but we still may get his former ward.  It is a shame Warner Brothers Movies and Warner Brothers TV can’t work together better.  If we can have two Flashes, we can certainly have two Batmen.  Heck it would make my Earth 2 theory work better anyway.

From TV to movies, Wonder Woman has a director!  According to The Hollywood Reporter, Michelle MacLaren, who has directed some of The Walking Dead‘s best episodes, has signed on to direct this block-buster for Warner Brothers.  It has been long rumored that DC/WB was looking for a woman to direct this movie, and it looks like they found her.  She has been doing good work on TV for a long time now, so it is a great time for her to make the move to feature films.

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