The Walking Dead Season 4 Is Over!


I am always sad when The Walking Dead goes off the air.  I am lost until Game of Thrones fills my Sunday show void. We now have to wait until October to see if the gang can get out of their latest jam.  This is one of the rare season finales that has the left group hanging over the long break.  The short mid-season break always has a cliff hanger, but for the season ending they usually tie things up fairly well.  I guess they know that they are not going to be canceled any time soon, so why not do whatever they feel like.

What I loved about this half of the season is they really got in to all main characters’ heads a little bit, so we could see what motivates them, and who they are away from the group.  It was really daring of the show to go so stripped down and minimal, especially after the show has given us so many large scale action set pieces recently.  I think it all paid off though, and now they can tell a bigger story, and have us understand all the characters’ future decisions better.

This is going to be the first season that they have kept their writing producer Scott Gimple for the next season, and I think he deserves it.  He gave us probably the best season of the show so far, though The Governor walking around got a little tedious, and I can’t wait to see what he has the group up too starting in the fall.  The Game of Thrones had better be good otherwise this will be a long wait indeed!


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