Chummers Rejoice Shadowrun Returns!


This is not going to be a review since I have only played this game for like thirty minutes, but since it was one of the more popular Kickstarter games pulling in over $1.8 million in funding, I figured I would let you know that it is out, and it looks pretty good.

As followers of my site know, Shadowrun is a universe set in the future that features cool technology and magic together, and the World is run by corrupt giant companies that Runners do missions for.

It is a top down isometric turn based RPG, so decidedly old school, but something the gaming community had been missing.  The graphics are bright and vibrant, but still give you the dark environments that Runners live in, and it looks like they have every class that you could want to play as available.  They also included a level editor so you can make your own missions or download others off the internet, so the game could have a long shelf life.

I am just happy that someone is trying to make Shadowrun a top tier franchise again, and I wish them the best!  The game is not expensive and is on Steam, so it is worth a look if you want to relive the glory days of CRPGs for awhile.

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  1. I just made it to Seattle in the game, so really only one Combat. But I really like how the game plays so far, and the visuals and soundtrack really make it more engaging.

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