Batman: The Telltale Series Ends Beautifully!

I have reviewed most of the episodes of Batman: The Telltale Series individually at this point, and for the most part they have all been successful.  Of course my worry was that they would stumble with the fifth and final episode.  They did not.  Batman: The Telltale Series Episode 5 “City of Light” wraps everything together wonderfully.

My only complaint would be that it is too action heavy, and by action I mean quick time event heavy.  Granted this ups the tension quite a bit, but these games are all about decisions, and due to this being the final episode there aren’t many major decisions left.  Just the results.  Really they just should have combined Episode 4 with Episode 5.  Oh well.  It is still really good, and I am just pointing out its minor flaws.

Now that the season is wrapped up the price on the whole season should be dropping rapidly, and if you have not bought Batman: The Telltale Series you really should.  If nothing else for comic book fans it lets you play as Bruce Wayne instead of Batman, and that is a treat in and of itself.  The series ends with a setup for Season 2, and trust me I will be playing.  Though I hope I get a Wolf Among Us Season 2 as well.   Honestly just give me a DC Telltale Series channel and it will be all I play and watch.

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