What Makes a Good Video Game?

I was thinking to my self what I would do to create the prefect game, and I have come up with my criteria.

1: Give Me Some Choices

I like to feel like I am making a difference, or that the world is changing because of me.  If the game can only be played one way and has only one outcome it kind of makes me wonder what the point of having me play it was.  I could have watched movie or read a book.  The weightier the choices the better, my favorite game Knights of the Old Republic did this wonderfully.  The choices were hard, and if you wanted to go to the Dark Side they made you feel real bad about it.

2: Make It Look Good

This may seem obvious, and that I am just looking for high polygon counts, but game can be super low end on graphics and have a great art direction and look fantastic.  Games are a visual art, and I want my eyeballs to be entertained.

3: Don’t Make it Too Hard

As I have grown older, I have gotten to be kind of a wuss when I play video games.  I don’t have the time I used to have, so I can’t perfect my technique when I play, so to be able to pick something up and be decent at it is a big plus for me.

4: Have Cool Weapons/Loot

I like upgrading stuff when I play games, whether that is getting new guns or swords, or just being able to try on new outfits, I like to get shiny carrots, and the more the better.  New games having been going away from loot like Fable III or Mass Effect 3, but getting new stuff always feels good, so please leave it in.   This is why Morrowind is my favorite Elder Scrolls game, because it hade the most loot, and the most customizable ways to wear and use the loot.

5: Mix Up the Gameplay

It is good have a great core mechanic like really great shooting or timed sword play, but it is nice to have a little mini game or something, so that you don’t just do that core mechanic over and over, #4 helps with this as well because you get to spend time deciding how to use your stuff.

If a game has these five elements, it will be something that I want to play and give some of my entertainment dollars too.