What Is In A Name? Transformers: The Last Knight!


Look, the Michael Bay transformers movies are bad.  Very bad, but due to my love of the franchise when I was a kid I still at least keep track of them, and then I watch them when they don’t cost me anything extra.  I don’t see that changing with Transformers 5, but I have to say the title is throwing me for a loop.  The Last Knight?  Are the Transformers royal now?  Are they next in line to be king?  Is Batman coming to save the day?  Man I hope it is Batman.  Because the new murder-y Batman would kill these abominations before they could destroy another city.

Sadly I am assuming that they have run out of ideas and that they are going to shoehorn in the Arthurian Legend.  It shows how wrong we were to think things couldn’t get any worse for this film franchise.  I wonder what beloved story they are going to appropriate for Transformers 6?  Cinderella?  Transformers: The Glass Slipper coming out in 2019!  I am probably not far off, I think I am going to go cry…