What I Don’t and Do Want From The Fantastic Four!

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So Fox has cast its new Fantastic Four film with Michael B. Jordan as The Human Torch, Kate Mara as The Invisible Woman, Miles Teller as Mr. Fantastic, and Jamie Bell as The Thing. It is obvious they are going for a younger crowd with this movie, and that is fine, but I do have some thoughts on how to make their movie better.

I Don’t Want Another Origin Story!

Please don’t make me see these kids hit by gamma radiation, and then learn how to be super heroes.  We have seen that like a hundred times now.  It would be fun to just have a movie about the Fantastic Four and their amazing adventures.

I Do Want X-Men Crossovers!

If Fox is going to hold on to both the Fantastic Four and X-Men it would be wonderful if they would show up in each other’s movies.  Create the Fox-Marvel universe.  It would be awesome to have Mr. Fantastic ask for advice from Professor X!  Plus any movie is better with Patrick Stewart.

I Don’t Want Anymore Moping!

If any set of superheroes loves their powers it is the Fantastic Four.  Sure The Thing has some love-life issues, but it would be great to have some heroes not weighed down by the “burden” of their amazing powers.

I Do Want Some Clobbering Time!

The Thing is supposed to be able to go toe to toe with the Hulk, so I want to see him just destroy some stuff.  Maybe like a whole Army base or something.  The Thing can literally make or break this film.

I Don’t Want The Characters To Be Dumb!

These guys are super scientists for crying out loud!  Please let them make good choices, and at least act like the super smart people they are.  Sure Johnny Storm can be a little dumb at times, but the Fantastic Four as a group should be pretty keen.

I Do Want Another Bad Guy Besides Dr. Doom!

Dr. Doom will no doubt be in this movie, but I really am not his biggest fan, so I am hopping that they bring in someone else.  I know Marvel is keeping all the best bad guys for themselves, but there are still a bunch of good ones to choose from like Devos the Devastator who wants to bring “peace” to the universe.

That is my basic list, but I would have to say my biggest want is for this just to be a good movie.  The last Fantastic Four movies at their best were forgettable, so it would be a nice change of pace for this new movie to not be terrible.  Do you guys have anything you want to see from this new F4 film?

3 Replies to “What I Don’t and Do Want From The Fantastic Four!”

  1. Besides Alba, I liked the cast of the first F4’s – I mean Horatio Hornblower, future Captain of America, and the Commish, how could you go wrong? The problem with the Fantastic 4 is at worst they are a B-level Xmen team, so to overcome that they need to really define what makes them so much more. They are a family, so really make me believe it and then challenge that dynamic. I agree with all your points, especially that they don’t need an origin story, jump into a sophomore adventure.

    1. Yeah I didn’t mind the first cast either, but if you are going to reboot the movie then you need a new cast. This cast isn’t bad. They are just surprisingly young for Doctorate Level Scientists.

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