Trayvax: My New Wallet!


One of the several Kickstarter projects I have backed is this cool wallet called Trayvax.  It is pretty much a money clip with an adjustable Velcro strap on the back.  It also features a bag holder and a bottle opener.  The biggest plus is that it has forced me to cut down on the amount of stuff that I carry around, so it is much more comfortable in my pockets.

If a cool metal utility money clip is some thing that you would be interested in, head over to, and check it out.  They are made in America by a new small business owner named Mark.  I like mine a lot, and I am glad I could back this guy, so that he could produce this wallet.

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  1. Hey Shmee,
    I’ve been trying to email Mike to ask a few questions about his new wallet, but he won’t return my emails………. Maybe you can answer a few questions. In my current tri-fold wallet I carry a car key. I’m wondering if this would work in the Trayvax. Is the velcro part in the back open on the bottom? or is the only way bills, etc can get it and out through the top? Also, now that you’ve had it for a while, can you comment on the pros and cons?

    1. I am not sure what you mean by “open on the bottom”. The metal plate on the bottom has a hole in it, but the strap does not come all the way off. I just put my bills under the strap and in the hole of the back plate and tighten it up, and they stay in place. You should be able to do the same thing with your key.

      Pros: It has a bottle opener, it is light weight, once you get used to it you can get your cards in and out fast, it is much smaller in my pocket than a regular wallet, and it looks cool.

      Cons: It is hard, so if you sit on it wrong it can hurt, but that is a rare occurrence. The attachments kind of get in the way, so I never use them.

      It is a fun wallet and I still use it everyday. It should meet your needs.

      1. Hey….thanks for the quick reply.

        In the videos he has he puts cash inside the back fabric part then velcros the whole thing closed. I’m wondering if when you put the cash in…….could it slide all the way through if you didn’t tighten it down? or is it sewn shut at the bottom.

        On another note>>>>> I emailed him again …. still nothing. We’ll see what happens.

        1. Yeah it is open on the bottom, but it hasn’t been an issue. The Velcro is high quality, so it stays nice and tight.

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