We Finally Know How To Buy The New Hitman Game!


When they announced Hitman, they were talking about an ‘all digital’ release with continuing content, but then you could buy it all at the end.  Which sounded a lot like episodic distribution, but they were hesitant to confirm that was the case.  Well now we know it is indeed being released in episodes.  For $15 your get the Prolog and Paris, and then for the next five months you can buy each new location for $10.  Bringing the grand total to $65, or you can spend $60 up front and get the whole thing as it comes out.  What they are not telling you, is that I am sure at the end of it all it will come out on a disk for $60 as well.

This model should work well for Hitman.  The story doesn’t matter much in these games, so just getting new locations added on is perfect.  What I am hoping is that this game will be successful enough to continue releasing episodes/locations after the first five are completed.  A season two if you will.  It would be great to have a game that just kept releasing good content for a couple of years!