Hitman Is Going To Stalk Differently In 2016!


For those of you that follow my site, or just know me, you know that I love the Hitman games.  Probably more than I should, so while I was disappointed that the new game ‘Hitman’ was delayed until March 2016, I was intrigued by their new sales strategy.  The game will be released with quite a few missions and their online Contracts mode, but for $35 digital only.  Then you will be able to download other missions as you go, or you can pay $60 up front and then get everything.  You will just have to wait to download the missions, season pass style, or if you can wait even longer, the disc will come out some time after that and it will contain all the content.

For me an episodic Hitman makes perfect sense.  Hitman was never about the grand stories, it was a finding a way to get that prefect hit.  So if they release a lot of good missions than I am in (not that I wouldn’t be anyway).  I hope the missions are fun ones, and that they continue to release them for quite some time.  You will see me (or not) stalking in the shadows come March 2016!