Top Five Cartoon Shows!

To the readers of my blog, it should come as no surprise that I love cartoon shows!  There is just something so fun about animation.  That being the case, I thought I would list my top five cartoons, but it has been much harder then I thought because I like so many of them.  This probably would have been an easier top fifteen, but I am pretty sure that these are my top five cartoon shows in reverse order.

5: Dexter’s Laboratory


Genndy Tartakovsky turned Cartoon Network in to a power house.  Before he came along all Cartoon Network had was the Flintstones, but with awesome shows like Dexter’s Lab, Cartoon Network is now a power house.  Dexter is a little supper genius that gets in fights with his sister, and he is always endangering or saving the world.  That may not sound funny, but it totally is, and it is all thanks to Genndy Tartakovsky.

4: Darkwing Duck


There was time in the late 80’s and early 90’s that Disney owned Saturday morning cartoons, and for my money the Duck Tails spinoff Darkwing Duck was the best.  He was equipped with cool gadgets and bad catchphrases, and he seemed to have more luck than talent, but he always kept St. Canard safe.

3: Adventure Time


This show manages to be random, exciting, funny, and sweet all at the same time.  Pendleton Ward has created probably the best cartoon of this generation.  I know some people say that it is too crazy for them, but if you give the show a chance, it is one of the best cartoons ever made.

2: Futurama


This show went from being a bad Simpson’s knockoff to a class by itself.  Fry’s adventure to the future kept me happy and smiling throughout its entire run, and it has more quotable lines than just about any show on the planet.  It finally ended its run last year, and it will be missed.

1: Venture Bros


This show is a spoof on the old 60’s and 70’s adventure cartoons, but much like Futurama it has become so much more.  This show is as close to perfect as possible.  There are only five seasons so far, but those seasons are some of the best television ever made, and if Walter White had never existed it would be my favorite show of all time.

That is my list!  I would love to hear yours!


4 Replies to “Top Five Cartoon Shows!”

  1. 5. ExoSquad – A fine cartoon drama
    4. Transformers & G.I. Joe (G1) – the cartoons that were most formative to my youth
    3. Chip and Dale’s Rescue Rangers – the best ensemble cast in a cartoon
    2. Batman the Animated Series – the definitive Batman experience
    1. Venture Brothers – To much good stuff, although I need to see seasons 3-5

    Darkwing Duck is great too, but for some reason Chip and Dales edges it out just a little bit for favorite Disney Saturday morning cartoon

    1. Those are some great choices. Batman was soooo close to making my list with the black paper and everthing, but funny shows won the day it seems.

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