Titanfall 2 Tech Test Update!


I didn’t have a lot of kind things to say when I last wrote about Titanfall 2’s Open Tech Test, but I still gave it another a try this last weekend, and I am happy to say it is getting better.  The new map they let us play Forward Base Kodai was much more vertical allowing for more ways to get around, and it did feel like Titans were falling from the skies more often.

Unfortunately since Titans still can’t go anywhere important they still feel a little useless in Amped Hardpoint because you are constantly having to get out, but I do think I am figuring out how to pilot these new mechs a little better, so I am having more fun in them, which I guess is the whole point.  If Respawn Entertainment is able to make changes to the game this fast, Titanfall 2 is worth keeping an eye on this October, but it is still is no longer a must buy.