Fox Wants You To Know That They Are Not Done Making X-Men Movies!


Fox is making a New Mutants movie that is supposed to come out in 2018, and according to The Nerdist just to remind you of that they are teasing their lineup:

  • Warlock: A mechanical alien shape-shifter
  • Mirage: Danielle Moonster who can make things appear
  • Magik: Illyana Rasputin who can teleport and do general magic stuff
  • Wolfsbane: Rahne Sinclair who can transform in to a giant wolf
  • Cannonball: Sam Guthrie who can fly and has a shield that forms around him
  • Sunspot: Roberto da Costa who use the Sun to zap people

This was kind of an odd announcement since Fox didn’t say who was playing any of these characters, but it is fun to know the line-up anyway.  I will have to help Fox by trying to cast them all.  Though I did notice that they left out Teenage Negasonic Warhead, and since she was so popular in the Deadpool movie that is kind of surprising.  Oh well, it appears that this movie is well underway.  I will add it to 2018’s large list of movies to watch.