This Is Post 500!


I can’t believe that I am typing this, but my Big Hero 6 review was my 499th post!  I honestly thought that I would have given up by now, but here I am typing up post 500.  It is crazy that over 15,000 people have visited my site from almost every country in the world.  I still have a few left in Africa and Asia, and for some reason Iceland will not come and visit.  Come on Iceland I will not bite!

It has been great having The Paladin write a few posts for the blog, and he has added 14 more reviews and whatnot on top of my 500.  It is good to get a different viewpoint on here every now and then.  I am hoping that he will continue to add posts when he feels like it.

The number one post besides my front page was my Wonder Woman casting page.  It is still popular which is odd since Gal Gadot got the role about a year ago.  Maybe people just want the pictures or something.  My least viewed page was my rant about where they should go with the Star Wars franchise.  One whole person besides myself read it.  Oh well, we all know where Disney is headed now.

I would like to thank you all for coming to visit!  It has been fun sharing my thoughts on things and stuff with all of you!  I hope you will all continue to come hang out on my little corner of the internet.