The Paladin puts Ant-Man under the microscope

…hear him sizzle!


Ant-Man… Marvel superhero with the ability to grow and shrink in size (I had to check Wikipedia for a second just to be sure) and star of the upcoming film Ant-Man. There are several problems with Ants (as like to call him) the foremost being nobody knows who Ant-Man is. Well that’s not true, he has his fan base and he is a founding member of the Avengers. However after umpteen years and who knows how many events in the Marvel universe, does that really matter? The second problem is this film… it has no director. They had originally tapped Cornetto Trilogy  director Edgar Wright to write and direct; they had even started filming. Then about a week ago he left and they haven’t been able to replace him (nor should they). The rumor was Disney, who owns Marvel, had a new script written that tore the heart out of the film for Wright.

So that leave us, the potential viewers, wondering if this film should even be made. I’ve liked Wright’s movies, so I’m sad to see him go. I greatly enjoy what Marvel has done with their comic book movies. But Ant-Man doesn’t carry any real weight with me and there is a second, lesser script. I think Ant-Man should go back down… to the ground… to get out of the way for far more interesting characters have their films made (Shmee would probably suggest Power Girl). I don’t see our hero escaping this one!

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  1. Well Power Girl would be fun, but really they should do Squirrel Girl because she will always save the day regardless of whether her powers are useful or not.

  2. But in planning to do avengers age of ultron without ant man actually presents a huge problem as ant man created ultron and he is a critical part of the story.

  3. But that can be easily changed to Tony Stark or work Ant-Man into the story. Besides, this movie was about the second Ant-Man and not Hank Prym (being played by Michael Douglas) who was the one that created Ultron. They’ve already created their own universe in the movies, I say keep it simple and not weighed down to much by comic book continuity.

    I also made a mistake in the post: Power Girl is DC, I meant to say Captain Marvel (current version).

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