The Paladin’s childhood was a lot like JL8… mostly

Let’s do a word association game. Ready? Hard… rock. Cut… paper. Bread… toast. Cute… Batman.

Sorry, my association with the word cute has been skewed forever by the fantastic webcomic JL8 by Yale Stewart. Imagine of you will, all of the DC comicbook superheroes and villians are eight-years-old and attend Schwartz Elementary. Awesome, I know.



Yale captures the essence of these heroes whilst having them deal with the life issues of little kids and it’s great! Batman broods alongside his best friend Superman, The Flash and Green Lantern get into all sorts of hijinks, and the Martian Manhunter is the new kid. I’d read from the beginning, but the current story arc has Green Lantern inviting The Flash and Martian Manhunter to his annual camping trip with his Green Lantern Troop and the search for Bigfoot. Also, Sinestro is a jerk. SURPRISE!

JL8 is posted on Facebook and here about twice a week. You’re welcome. Now for more word association to pass the time. Night Light… Green Lantern. Soft… silly string. Timeout…