The X-Files? Really?


People are all a buzz about the X-Files coming back, but I have almost no interest in this whatsoever.  To be fair I was never a big fan of the original show.  It had all sorts of things that I loved, aliens, ghosts, and tons of other sci-fi/horror whatsits.  The problem was that the show could never really elevate itself above its police procedural genre trappings.  In other words it was boring.  Now I know the show has a lot of fans, and they are supper excited, but it is not like the X-Files has not been given second chances.  It has.  There have been two X-Files movies, and while the first one was okay, the second one was terrible.  I am not sure that there are more X-Files stories to tell.

I hear the plan is to do one long serialized story a year with different actors each year, ala HBO’s True Detective, but that sounds even worse.  If the X-Files can’t keep a ninety minute movie interesting, how are they going to fill two hundred and sixty-four minutes (six times forty-four).  Not to mention, will it be the X-Files without Scully and Mulder?  Plus instead of purely being the X-Files, they are now just copying another show (I am pretty sure there is a Simpsons episode about this).  I guess if season one is a success we will find out, but I am not sold.

I know Fox is desperate to try and get some hit shows to bring their advertising revenues up, and the revival of 24 worked, but bringing out and dusting off the X-Files seems like a setup for failure.  I hope for the fans’ sake they got a couple of more good files left in the cabinet.  You guys will have to let me know how it turns out because I have a lot of other good TV to watch.

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