The World Hates You So We Are Getting A New ‘It’!


Hey you know that movie that made everyone hate clowns? In fact it still makes you feel a bit ‘off’ just to look the picture of the ‘fun guy’ above.  Well guess what? After years of debate it looks like the reboot of ‘It’ is moving forward.  That’s right, so just when kids were starting to feel alright about clowns again they went and cast Bill Skarsgård as the new creepy makeuped menace.  Here is a pic of the fella:


Yeah just imagine that mug with wild red hair and fangs whispering, “you’re next”.  That is just good old family fun right there.  I think you should let your kids watch it early and often.  I know I watched it behind my parents back a few times and I am completely normal.  Right? Anyway, I am sure ‘It’ will all be super terrifying until you learn that Pennywise the clown is just a spider in the sewers that can be killed with a slingshot.  Oh I am sorry, did I spoil a movie and a book from forever ago?  Look, I am just trying to put the kids’ minds at ease here.  They should be scared of giant sewer spiders and not scared of clowns.  Look for the new ‘It’ to be filming soon and for it not to live up to the original.