The Magicians Is Like Harry Potter’s Crazy Uncle!


If you liked Harry Potter, but it was a little too tame for you, you will love The Magicians!  It is darker, edgier, and people are dying a whole lot faster than in J.K Rowling’s landmark series.  In The Magicians, the new SyFy show based on Lev Grossman’s book series of the same name, kids with magical abilities are sent off to Brakebills College to learn to hone their craft, so, you know, sort of like Harry Potter, but with a totally different feel.

I am only a couple episodes in, but I am totally hooked!  College kids with magic, strange lands, twisted versions of Narnia, and who knows what else!  Not to mention it wears its similarity to Harry Potter on its sleeve instead of trying to pretend it is totally original.  I am loving SyFy’s return to scripted television.  First they bring back Sci-Fi, and now they are adding some decent fantasy to the mix.  Kind of like what they promised when they made their name dumb.  I can only hope this influx of great TV continues, and SyFy becomes one of my go to channels.