After A Long Super Bowl, These Are The Best Two Commercials!

After two Super Bowls featuring my Seattle Seahawks it was hard to watch two non-Seahawks teams face off in Super Bowl 50.  This must be how Patriots fans feel every other Super Bowl!  Well without anyone to root for and both teams doing their best not to move the ball down the field that meant the stars of the show were the commercials, and I have decided to share my favorites: best for a product and best for a movie.  First up the Kia Optima!

I love Christopher Walken! As a straight man I don’t mind telling you if he asked me to marry him I would say yes, and this Kia commercial uses him perfectly.  His baige socks versus fun socks speech encapsulates everything wonderful about him!  Bravo Kia! Bravo!

Next up, for my favorite movie trailer I went with Jason Bourne:

It was a hard call between this and Deadpool spot, but the Jason Bourne trailer was completely new, and the first look at this movie worked very well.  Matt Damon looks ready to reprise his most popular role, and it looks like they are holding the camera steady!  I know I will be seeing Jason Bourne when it comes out.

Those were my top two commercials, I would love to hear what yours were!