Thanks Ash Vs Evil Dead, I Need A Starz Subscription Now!


Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we now have our fist set photo of Ash vs Evil Dead, and it looks perfect! Chainsaw arm? Check! Blood? Check! Stupid self-assured look on Ash’s face? Double Check! This looks like so much fun, but that means I will have to pay per episode, get Starz, or wait until the season is over and get the set, and I want to do none of the those things. <sobs> Oh well, I have a lot of TV to watch (I say to convince myself unsuccessfully) <sniffle>.

For you lucky shmucks with the Starz channel, you will have to let me know how it is this Fall.

P.S. I hate all of you with Starz for not already inviting me over to watch this.  Your names will forever be listed in my Necronomicon.