Supergirl Is Finding Her Feet But…


Each episode of Supergirl gets better, but the problem is what isn’t on screen: Superman.  The show just can’t shake him.  They are always talking about him.  He is a major character of the show, and he has no screen time (well almost none)!  This is what I was worried about with Supergirl, and why I thought they should have gone with Kara’s Earth Two counterpart Power Girl.  By having the ‘S’ on Kara Danvers chest they are having to write around the most iconic superhero of all time.  That is not an easy task.

For now I think they would be best served by just not talking about him.  The show has established who Kara is, and that she is a hero in her own right, so now they just need to focus on her and her gang.  No more of this ‘what would Superman do’ crap.  He is not around, and this isn’t his show.  Heck it might even be good for Kara to get a new job.  That way they could make her less of a Clark Kent knock off.  Like I said, the show is getting better, and it is keeping its fun airy vibe.  It is nice to have a superhero that is enjoying herself, and there are much worse ways to spend an hour.