Star Wars: Battlefront Is The Real Deal!


Well I thought I would be able to ignore Star Wars: Battlefront, but sadly I was wrong.  I thought that it would be just another Battlefield clone.  With Star Wars sure, but something I could write off.  It is just not fair that there is another game coming out this year that I want.  The open beta is a ton of fun.  The controls are tight.  The power-ups are well placed and they change flow of the game in the best ways.  It is a blast to jump in an AT Walker, or finding a Luke or Darth Vader upgrade.  Even putting down a turret in just the perfect place to stop the enemy onslaught.  It is just plain fun.

You have one more day to try out this game before it comes out.  You need to go home right now and give it a shot if you haven’t yet.  I guess it is yet another game to put on my Christmas list.  It is a long list now.