Spend Some Time With King Boogie!


I was presently surprised a few months ago when a friend of mine N.D. Byma started a Kickstarter for a children’s book he was writing King Boogie.  I of course backed the project, and I now have the final book in hand and get to give my impressions of the effort.

The book is about a day in the life of a young boy King Boogie who views himself as king of the household, and his parents as his caretakers.  It is fun to see he how he views his day to day activities compared to what we know the reality would be.

The story is short and sweet, but well written so it is a good length for young readers or listeners.  The art done by L.A. Harper is great, and it is sure to keep little-ones entertained.

The book itself is well made, and it seems like it can handle the day to day wear and tear that young kids will put it through.  I like the seamless binding.  It is a very cool look.

Byma and Harper did a good job on this book, and I am glad that I backed it.  Good on them for getting the book out in a reasonable time frame as well.  I think N.D. has a few copies left, so if this is something you are interested in head on over to the book’s Facebook page.