Shmee Checks Out Steven Universe!


Cartoon Network has been on a roll with its shows lately, and in particular Adventure Time, so it is not surprising that one the main writers Rebecca Sugar from that show would get to create one of her own.  The show she came up with is Steven Universe.

The show is about a young boy who is the son of a looser dad who lives in a van, and the greatest super hero of all time who gave up her mortal form to give birth to Steven. Due to his half hero lineage it seems that he may in time be able to be a hero like his mom, but until then he is just doing the best he can while hanging out with three awesome super heroes.

The show is weird, but not over the top like Adventure Time, and it seems much more sweet as the heroes do their best with the enthusiastic and joyful but not very useful Steven.  It has good action and is very funny, and I can’t wait to see how it progresses.

Cartoon Network has another hit on their hands, and they are very rapidly adding more and more must watch TV to their network.  I wonder what writer will break off from this show and create their next hit.