So About Downton Abbey Season 4


Well I finally saw the last episode of Downton Abbey Season 4, and I have to say I was disappointed.  This season started off with a lot of promise, but in the end pretty much nothing happened.  Well to be fair one shocking thing happened, but that ended up amounting to nothing in the grand scheme of things.  Which is a shame.

<SPOILERS>If you are going to have a season that deals with rape, you should at least dive further in to the ramifications and psychological impact of the vile act.  Instead of just using it as a catalyst as to whether or not someone is going to kill someone else.  They made it feel like a cheap ratings booster, and that is a real shame.</SPOILERS>

Everyone pretty much ended up where they started. Sure some people grew a little bit, but over all it was just a waste of a season.  All the will they or won’t they survive question seemed be brushed aside, and instead they went with “Who will Mary merry?”.  Interesting, but not really major story arc material.

I hope they figure it out for next season because another one like this will kill it for me.  I expect more from the Grantham’s and their household.


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