Should you sign up for Redbox Instant?


Over the last week a new internet movie streaming service has launched.  It is Redbox Instant by Verizon.  It costs $8 month, but you also get four free movies from their Redbox kiosk every month.  So is it worth it? Maybe.

The selection of movies that you can stream without additional cost is very limited at the moment, and the only TV based device that streams the service is an Xbox 360 with your Gold subscription, but I am sure more are on the way.  There are additional movies that you can rent and buy, but if you can rent them they are $4.99 for standard definition and $5.99 for high definition.  Or you can buy them for $16.99 for standard definition or $21.99 for high definition.  Those prices really aren’t that compelling since the draw of Redbox has always been cheap movies, and those are the same prices as every other service.

This leaves the only perk being the four movies at the kiosk, and if you rent from Redbox a lot then this may make since since you would be adding streaming for $4.  If you don’t use the kiosk then Amazon Prime, or Netflix offer way more for the money, and Amazon gives you free shipping on all Amazon purchases and free books from the Prime lending library.  Netflix’s perk is pretty much just the biggest library of streaming movies, but that is what this is all about in the first place.

I am happy there is another service entering the ring.  Competition is always a good thing, and I hope the number of streaming movies grows quickly, but for now I would hold off on the one month free trail of Redbox Instant until there is more to watch.

2 Replies to “Should you sign up for Redbox Instant?”

  1. Was wondering what RedBox was going to have to offer. The disks are a nice touch, although I doubt it gives you priority with whats in the box, so instead of the blockbuster you have to settle for the mockbuster instead.

    1. I was just hoping that they were going to have a decent library of titles, but alas they do not.

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