Shmee Watched A Couple Of E3 Presentations Last Night!

First up I watched the Microsoft show, and you can tell that after they got ripped four years ago for focusing on TV and movies that all they will ever talk about from now on is games.  It was trailer after trailer.  I am guessing with the PS4 winning the console war this generation they wanted reassure everyone that the Xbox would have plenty of games to play too.  There is even one for The Paladin.  It is a first person space dwarf mining and shooting simulator from the people that made Goat Simulator called Deep Rock Galactic.  Here is the trailer:

Of course Microsoft finally dropped the name and price of their new box.  It is the Xbox One X and it will come out November 7th for $499.  While I get that ‘X’ matches the Xbox branding, it sounds the same as ‘S’ when anyone says it, so it causes a lot of confusion as to which console people are talking about.  It is also interesting that Microsoft is again going to be $100 more than the PS4.  Though I am guessing all that hardware costs a lot of money.  I mean it is the first water cooled console that I can remember.  The 360 was supposed to be, and after the $1 Billion Red Ring of Death controversy they probably wish they would have followed through on that.

The biggest announcement by far was that Original Xbox games were coming to Xbox One this year starting with Crimson Skies.  I must have given my copy away, but this is great news.  I can only hope that this means they are turning on some form of the OG Xbox Live service so we can play these games with our friends.  More info is coming soon, and I cannot wait to hear more.

All in all it was fine show.  They gave us viewers a free copy of Rare Replay, so that was nice.  The games looked good, if not overly exciting, and they confirmed that Sea of Thieves and State of Decay 2 would be delayed to next year, which is a bummer.  I will be getting an Xbox One X though.

Next up I watched the Bethesda show which was ummm, well, if the Xbox show was unexciting the Bethesda show  was a waste of time.  It was only thirty-five minutes long and mostly showed trailers for games that were already out.  Though at the very end they did announce The Evil Within 2 and Wolfenstein II, and the later looked great!  Here is its trailer:

If you were hoping for a new open world RPG like I was, well guess what there wasn’t one, so I hope you like the ones you have, because now you will have paid Mods that don’t break your achievements!  Sorry I should take back the exclamation point and replace it with “…”  Ugg, who cares.  Anyway lets hope today’s E3 shows show us something mind meltingly cool!