Shmee Rides With Mad Max On Fury Road!


I had the pleasure of watching Mad Max: Fury Road by George Miller over the weekend, and I have to say they just don’t make movies like that.  I was going to say ‘anymore’, but I am not sure that anyone has ever made a movie like that.  It was a non-stop chase scene in the middle of the desert with a bunch of crazy people.  Sure that is similar to Mad Max 2: Road Warrior, but no where near this scale  If you are not on the edge of your seat while watching this film, you were somehow not paying attention.

The plot is simple.  Mad Max (Tom Hardy) and Furiosa (Charlize Theron) take a bunch of supermodels for a drive in the middle of the wasteland.  Oh and they are being chased by just about every living person left on the planet.  While this road trip is happening, things are blowing up right good.

I am not sure there is much more to say about the story except for the fact if you like a lot of talking in your films you will be disappointed with Fury Road.  This movie goes for long stretches without any important dialog, and honestly I found it quite refreshing.  Movies are a visual art, so why not show me instead of telling me.  That is what this movie did.  It just kept showing me things, and wonderful things at that.

This is probably the best acted film out of the Mad Max series.  Tom Hardy was a great stand in for Mel Gibson, even if his Australian accent could use some work, and Nicholas Hoult brought a great deal of fun to this movie.  Though the real star of this movie is Charlize Theron.  She lived up to the name Furiosa.  Her unyielding character drove this movie forward more than any of the several hundred cars in it.  She is now my favorite pick to play Captain Marvel in the upcoming movie.

When I heard they were making a new Mad Max movie I think I audibly groaned.  I didn’t think that series had anything left to show me, but George Miller proved me wrong.  He had a lot left to show me, and I was glad to see it.  If you haven’t seen the other Mad Max movies, don’t let that stop your from seeing this one.  The movies were so influential that I am not sure any background would be nessicary.  If you want to see the craziest movie to come out in a long time it would be Mad Max: Fury Road!