Shmee Plays Rayman Jungle Run!

Rayman Jungle Run1

Now I know this game has been out for awhile on mobile phones, but hey I just found it so stop judging me!  Rayman Jungle Run is a 2D side scrolling continuously running platformer, so they pretty much got the idea from Temple Run, but than made it 2D and it stars Rayman.

The game is very simple to play.  Rayman is always running, so to keep him alive you either need to tap the left side of your screen once to jump, hold the left side of your screen to hover, or tap the right side of your screen to punch.  The further you advance the harder the challenges get.  The better you do on the runs the more cool stuff you unlock.

What I like about this game is that they added some more platforming elements, like wall jumping and swinging vines in to the game instead of just copying Temple Run, so it almost feels like a Sonic game, and that is much more fun.  It is a little pricey compared to your standard app at $2.99, but it is so well put together it is well worth the money.

The graphics are nice and cheery, and it brings back memories of playing Rayman on my computer.  The Rayman games used to be the only good platforming games on the PC, sigh, and now I feel old, but it is good to see the old Frenchman has got a few tricks left up his sleeve.

If you are looking for a nice game to play for a couple minutes or a few hours than give Rayman Jungle Run a try.  It has simple but effective controls, and it looks great.