Shmee Gets The Perfect Cast For All Female Ghostbusters!


Well the all female Ghostbusters is happening, and I can’t wait!  I am a little disappointed that it is a reboot and not a sequel.  I think it would have been fun to have Dan Aykroyd as the owner of a franchise or something and helping this new team along, but still this should be a good flick.  That being said they are going to need a world class group of actors to make this movie happen, and I think I got a good one:

Team Leader: Aisha Tyler


She is funny and as cool as they come.  She would get this rag-tag group bustin’ ghosts in no time!  If she is not in this movie I say we all riot!

Cool Jerk: Kristen Wiig


She is talented enough to do any of the roles, but she would be that perfect jerk you just can’t help but love.  Honestly they could just make the movie with her and Aisha Tyler and it would be awesome.

Dorky Doctor: Anna Faris


She is super funny, and I could totally see her believably spouting off all sorts of mumbo jumbo.  Her husband just made it big as Star Lord, and I think it is time for her in the spotlight.

The Brains: Aubrey Plaza


She has shown that she can keep a straight face while crazy things are happening all around her on Parks and Recreation, and I think that talent would crossover well here.  Get her some thick glasses and you are good to go.

Odd Next Door Neighbor: Felicia Day


She could be the perfect weirdo next door, and she would be one heck of a “Keymaster”.  It might be time for Felicia Day to prove she is ready for the big leagues.

That is my cast, and I am sure they would knock this movie out of the park.  I have done all the hard work for you Mr. Feig, so make it happen.