Shmee Explores Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories


This is my first music review and I am not a music connoisseur by any stretch, so I would not expect them very often, but for certain bands I will make an exception, and one of those groups is Daft Punk.  Their new album Random Access Memories came out two whole days ago, and I love it.

The album has a very 70’s disco feel, but it doesn’t get stuck there.  It explores all kinds of music from rock to orchestral, and they are really pushing the boundaries of what Techno/Electronica can be.  I know some people are disappointed by the fact it is not a straight up techno album, but it is fun to hear artists explore their craft.  Like most electronica albums some songs outstay their welcome, but it is a small nit pick.

I am sure I am not the only one who’s best stereo is in their car, and the first morning I got the album I thought of calling in sick and taking a drive just so I could listen to more.  Instead I had to go to work and listen to it at my desk.

This album may not be for everybody but it is for me.

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