Shmee Tries To Walk Hard!


Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story is a spoof on the biopic genre, but mostly the film Walk The Line the Johnny Cash biopic.  Since all biographical movies follow the same basic flow it is an easy genre to make fun of, and for the most part the Judd Apatow written and Jake Kasdan directed film lands it jokes, but the film can be slow at times.

The story follows the titular Dewey Cox (John C. Reilly) from his troubled childhood through his hard living but successful career.  Along the way he is always trying to write his masterpiece.  This movie mostly makes fun of the Johnny Cash film, but the movie also makes fun of all sorts of rock legends including Ray Charles, Bob Dylan, Elvis, and The Beatles to name a few.

While the movie copies and lampoons the basic biopic style, the real stars of this movie are all the great songs they wrote.  My favorite is a Bob Dylan style song about dwarf solidarity.  It is perfectly cringe worthy.  However when they are not singing the movie can slow down, since not all of the standard spoken jokes and site gags land as well as the musical ones.

John C. Reilly really throws himself in to this role, playing a believable over the top musician.  Since there have been so many of these musical biographies made he must of had a lot of material to use to get ready for this film.  Cox’s two wives played by Kristen Wiig and Jenna Fischer are both very funny, and this movie manages to cram just about every notable comedian in to this film plus few real rock stars.

It is a shame this movie didn’t tighten up the script a bit because with its level of talent and the great songs they wrote this movie could have been a classic, but instead it is just a funny if uneven film.  To be sure their are much worse spoof movies out there (all the Scary Movies), but it is no Spaceballs that is for sure.

Shmee Visits Mumford & Sons at Holland Park!

mumford and sons-HDR

I am going to start off by saying Mumford and Sons puts on an amazing show.  They rocked Holland Park in Surrey B.C. for a good hour and forty minutes, but I will get back to that.

The venue Holland Park is great place to watch a show.  The area has cheap parking nearby at the shopping center and the Sky Train station as long as you get there when gates open.  It is open and there is space to move around, plus they have a ton of good food vendors.  The biggest downside is that the stage is not tall enough or they need to dig out the stage area, so it is easy to have a large person or a girl on someone’s shoulders block your view. but it does handle the 25,000 guests well.

The first band the Mystery Jets went on just an hour after the gates opened, so we were still milling around and getting food during their show, but it was good.  They have a very 70’s rock feel, and play and sing well.

The next band or singer I should say Michael Kiwanuka has a good soul voice, and was great to hear.  I will be on the lookout for his stuff in the future.  My only problem with his show is that he needs to pick his set list better because he started off with some great crowd moving tunes, but then went really slow and soulful, which was good, but sucked the life out of the crowd.

That brings us to main event.  Mumford & Sons put on amazing show from beginning to end.  They played all the songs off their last two albums, and the order they put them in really kept the crowd in to it.  They sound better live than they do on their CDs.  It was great!  Their set design was sweet with cool light rigs and the sound guys did a fantastic job, so atta’boys all around.  If you ever get the chance to see them live, do it!  You will not be disappointed.

It was a great night and a lot of fun, but a word of advice.  If you are ever thinking it is midnight so it should be ok to take the Peace Arch crossing, DON’T!  It took two hours because they only had one lane open, and with the new red light turn your car off policy it felt even longer.

Shmee Explores Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories


This is my first music review and I am not a music connoisseur by any stretch, so I would not expect them very often, but for certain bands I will make an exception, and one of those groups is Daft Punk.  Their new album Random Access Memories came out two whole days ago, and I love it.

The album has a very 70’s disco feel, but it doesn’t get stuck there.  It explores all kinds of music from rock to orchestral, and they are really pushing the boundaries of what Techno/Electronica can be.  I know some people are disappointed by the fact it is not a straight up techno album, but it is fun to hear artists explore their craft.  Like most electronica albums some songs outstay their welcome, but it is a small nit pick.

I am sure I am not the only one who’s best stereo is in their car, and the first morning I got the album I thought of calling in sick and taking a drive just so I could listen to more.  Instead I had to go to work and listen to it at my desk.

This album may not be for everybody but it is for me.