Ride In An ATLAS!


Well I read another free book from Amazon, but this time it was a Sci-Fi space combat novel, so pretty much like every other book I read.  The book in question was ATLAS by Isaac Hooke.  I know every space combat novel steals from Starship Troopers, but this one even featured the Navy MOTHS (the guys that get to pilot the ATLAS mechs) fighting bugs (crabs attached to slugs to be more specific).  Now if you are going to copy from a book, you may as well copy from the best, so at least once this book got going the action was good, but everything else was just okay.

I usually try and write three hundred words in my reviews, but I think the above paragraph was I all needed.  It was an okay book about guys shooting stuff that I didn’t have to pay for thanks to the Amazon Lending Library.  So if you have Amazon Prime and want a quick read, you could do worse, but you can also do a lot better.